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FreeRTOS-Plus-TCP now has unified IPv4 and IPv6 functionalities and multi-interface support.
Achieving Unbrickable MCU FOTA for your FreeRTOS-powered Firmware:
FreeRTOS 202012 LTS end of support announced.
FreeRTOS website now available in Simplified Chinese
New FreeRTOS Long Term Support version now available.

Extended Maintenance Plan


The FreeRTOS Extended Maintenance Plan (EMP) allows you to receive security patches and critical bug fixes on your chosen FreeRTOS Long Term Support (LTS) version for up to 10 years* from the expiry of the initial LTS period. Provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), FreeRTOS EMP can help you keep your microcontroller-based devices secure for years, save operating system upgrade costs, and reduce risks associated with patching your devices in the field.


Reduce product lifecycle risks

Run firmware that receives security patches on a feature-stable codebase throughout the lifecycle of your product. A feature-stable codebase enables you to receive security patches on the same LTS version without requiring you to upgrade to the latest FreeRTOS version.

Save operating system upgrade costs

Continue to use FreeRTOS libraries that provide feature and API stability for the term of your subscription, thereby eliminating the additional development, testing, and quality assurance costs that are typically incurred during system version upgrades.

Improve device security for the long term

Receive security patches and critical bug fixes on your chosen FreeRTOS LTS libraries to improve security of your IoT devices throughout their lifecycle.

Reduce the risk of delayed updates

Updating devices with critical fixes involves project planning, release readiness testing, and over-the-air (OTA) update scheduling. With the Extended Maintenance Plan, you can receive timely notifications on upcoming patches and bug fixes, which enables you to organize and plan for your updates upfront.

How it works

FreeRTOS EMP extends the maintenance period of FreeRTOS LTS libraries from the initial two years to up to an additional ten years. Once you choose an LTS version, you will be provided with any patches (if any are required) via the AWS IoT console for FreeRTOS EMP. Like the FreeRTOS LTS libraries, FreeRTOS EMP libraries will continue to have feature and API stability for the duration of your subscription.

To learn more about FreeRTOS EMP, refer to the FreeRTOS features, pricing, and FAQs webpages on AWS.

* AWS may terminate the Extended Maintenance Plan for any version of LTS before the expiration of your subscription term as permitted under the agreement governing your use of AWS services, including upon at least 12 months' notice.

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